Manion Engineering is a multidiscipline regional consulting engineering firm. Our regional coverage and relational organization allows us to respond promptly and appropriately to the needs of a wide clientele base, and yet meet those needs on an individualized manner. We provide the right person for the right task, without unnecessary cost or overhead.

Established in Missoula Montana, Manion’s team of engineers, scientists, technicians, and other professionals have backgrounds in marketing; grant writing; business; construction management; inspection; design of streets; well houses; distribution facilities; collection facilities; pump stations; lift stations; controls; and water & wastewater treatment plants.

In addition, Manion Engineering has developed a solid reputation for excellence in executing and managing municipal projects in Idaho, Washington, Montana and North Dakota. Furthermore, our innovative and efficient engineering solutions help meet the needs of our clients while maintaining uncompromised quality, integrity, and professionalism by meeting the budget, time and feasibility constraints for our clientele.

Benefits of Working With Manion Engineering

At the heart of every company are the individuals working there day to day to make progress happen, and this is precisely what sets Manion apart.

  • The Manion team is a very select group of staff; hand-picked for their remarkable capabilities, knowledge, and ability to perform seamlessly.
  • Each project is given a main point of contact who leads all communication and collaboration between client, agency, consultants, and contractors.
  • One project leader means that the project remains the priority and never gets pushed to the back burner. Your deadlines, budgets, and end goals matter to us as much as they matter to you.
  • Our team knows that the greatest capital a company has is its reputation, and we each guard that reputation as we would our own. This means customer service, communication, and quality results are our primary concerns throughout the entire course of a project.

The people who make up the Manion Engineering team pride themselves on maintaining close relationships with our clients. It is for this reason that our customers rely on us to provide honest, dependable guidance for all of their projects and why the majority of our work arises from word-of-mouth referrals and repeat clientele.

Manion Engineering is dedicated to your community as “Your Solution Begins with US”. More than just a clever motto; it is our commitment to our clients and to their clients—the citizens of your community.