Funding Procurement and Administration

With in-house grant-writing services and practiced contract and grant administration, we have a proven track record of identifying potential funding sources and procuring grant and loan funding with efficiency and a high rate of success. We have worked closely with every major state and federal funding program and have built a wealth of resources in the form of an extensive funding knowledge base and valuable funding program contacts. Among the communities we assist, we are currently managing all grant administration and funding acquisition for their improvements. Once funding has been procured, we continue to identify future funding solutions for upcoming projects and remain proactive in maintaining the comprehensive goals of the community on an on-going basis.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Services

Our municipal engineering team has an emphasis on water and wastewater system design and water resource management. Water and wastewater treatment has been a key element of our business throughout Montana, Idaho and Washington and now North Dakota. Our capabilities span the entire project cycle: planning, permitting, design, construction administration, and startup and operation. In addition, our clients can call us anytime for operational assistance if the need occurs. Our team is very experienced in meeting your needs. We provide planning, pilot testing, design, construction, and startup assistance for water and wastewater facilities through-out the northwest. We have designed and overseen construction for numerous water and wastewater systems, both municipal and private, and have extensive expertise with both new system design and rehabilitation of existing systems. Most recently, the Manion team members are in the process of designing the wastewater treatment facility in Dillon, Montana.

IMG_20140123_095147_337Water Facility Types

  • Water Master Plans
  • Water Supply
  • Water Treatment
  • Pump Stations & Flow Control
  • Water Transmission & Distribution
  • Finished Water Storage Facilities
  • Desalination
  • Well Fields

Wastewater Facility Types

  • Wastewater Treatment & Effluent Management
  • Pump Stations & Flow Control
  • Wastewater Conveyance & Collection Systems
  • Peak Wet Weather, CSO & SSO Facilities
  • Biosolids Management
  • Odor Control Systems

On-Call Consulting

Manion Engineering has been the on-call engineer for the City of Dillon, Montana as well as Hamilton, Montana & Missoula County, Montana through other(s). Our team offers on-call engineering services with dependable counsel, comprehensive planning and project development leadership, and responsive engineering solutions to meet the immediate needs of the communities we serve as well as guide the long-term visions of the municipal leaders.

Pump Station Design

 Manion Engineering strives to achieve innovative and efficient engineering solutions to meet the needs of the public while maintaining uncompromised quality, integrity and professionalism. With backgrounds in marketing, business, construction, inspection, and design, Manion Engineering’s experience encompasses many aspects of civil engineering to provide sound engineering options to meet budget, time and feasibility constraints.

Construction Administration

As we are contracted to be agent of the community, we use our intimate knowledge of the project, our vision, and our trained eyes to help the contractor solve inevitable problems that arise during construction. A very thorough set of drawings identifies main issues and communicates the intent of the design, but no single set of plans can ever cover everything because construction is a very complicated thing. Challenges spring up during all portions of a project, not just in the early stages, and we strongly believe the act of design is present and necessary throughout the process, including construction. It is a common occurrence that during a site visit we find opportunities to improve or extend the design in a way that was not apparent during the drawing phase. Why is this? It is because during a site visit we are using all of our senses, sight, smell, and touch to take in information and we are seeing the project in reality. All of this translates into the design, and obstacles are overcome. If it is important to have your project run smoothly and to have a team approach to solving problems along the way, keep your architect on board for this phase.